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+ ACI Initiates Career Mentoring Program for College Seniors
+ Knox College Students Win 150 Media Stream/ACI Contest for Digital Art
+ Expense Reduction Analysts Becomes ACI Corporate Partner

ACI Initiates Career Mentoring Program for College Seniors
Organization partners with Mentoring Complete to help seniors as they enter the workforce 

June 30, 2020

This fall, ACI is expanding its College-to-Career offerings to include a Career Mentoring Program which matches college seniors with business mentors who will help guide the students as they launch careers. The new mentoring program will be available through career services offices at ACI’s 27 member colleges and universities.ACI's Career Mentoring Program begins Sept.15.

ACI’s Career Mentoring Program is funded in part through a National Venture Fund grant from the Council of Independent Colleges, Washington, D.C.

ACI’s Career Mentoring Program is a partnership with Mentoring Complete, a St. Louis-based firm with considerable experience in successful business and corporate mentoring programs. Among its clients are Enterprise Holdings, New York Power Authority, OhioHealth and Reach International.

“We’re designing the Career Mentoring Program to help get college seniors engaged at a high level with mentors in their chosen career fields, and to help them begin successful careers and be productive citizens,” said Mick Weltman, ACI executive director. Career mentoring complements other components of ACI’s College-to-Career programs, he says. The program includes Work and Life Skills Boot Camps, and ACI’s Career Development Conference and Career Expo, which help students prepare for careers; micro-internships through Parker Dewey, which help students get valuable work experience while in college; and ACI’s job-postings page, which announces positions available for alumni of ACI-affiliated schools.

Students and their career mentors can have honest conversations about the areas of development most important to the student, says Aaron Adams, partner and mentoring expert with Mentoring Complete. “The design of the program creates consistent interactions, so the mentor and mentee have opportunities to assess how things are progressing, and make adjustments along the way,” he says. “Mentees (students) develop a better understanding of how to translate what they’ve learned in the classroom into the workplace.” In some cases, mentors can help mentees find future career opportunities.

Career Mentoring Program dates for the fall term are Sept. 15, 2020 to Dec. 15, 2020. Spring program dates are Jan. 15, 2021 to April 30, 2021. ACI will work with career services teams at member colleges and universities to publicize the new program and recruit mentees, who will be placed with potential mentors as available.

Meanwhile, ACI will reach out to corporate sponsors and strategic partners to recruit experienced mentors. People interested in becoming mentors should apply though the career mentoring website by Sept. 1. Mentors will be paired with mentees for one semester based on availability. For more information, please contact ACI Executive Director Weltman at 312-263-2391, ext. 1, or write to

Knox College Students Win 150 Media Stream/ACI Contest for Digital Art
June 30, 2020

Yuge Zhou, left, is curator, 150 Media Stream, Chicago. With her are Odessa Sagli and Patrick Steppan, winners of the digital media contest from Knox College, along with their instructor, Tim Stedman, right..

Yuge Zhou, left, is curator of 150 Media Stream, Chicago. Contest winners from Knox College are Odessa Sagli, second from left, Portland, Oregon, and Patrick Steppan, third from left, Chicago. Tim Stedman, right, visiting professor of art, Knox College, supervised the students’ project.

Two students from Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois, won the digital art contest sponsored by 150 Media Stream, Chicago, and organized by ACI. Odessa Sagli, Portland, Oregon, and Patrick Steppan, Chicago, who both recently graduated, will be awarded a total of $3,000 by 150 Media Stream to complete their collaborative project. Their project will be featured on the 150 Media Stream art installation sometime this fall, with a launch date to be announced.

Located in the lobby of 150 N. Riverside Plaza in Chicago, 150 Media Stream is a unique public media art installation with 89 LED blades, the largest structure of its kind in the city, said Yuge Zhou, curator. Launched in 2017, the 150 Media Stream showcases commissioned work by emerging and renowned media artists on a monthly basis.

The contest winners look at an early version of their art exhibit at 150 Media Stream, Chicago.

The contest winners look at an early version of their art exhibit at 150 Media Stream, Chicago.

The students’ project focuses on ecological concerns and the loss of species, Zhou said. “The goal of this contest was to practice students’ skills in creating digital art, to acquire experience in producing art in public space and to provide a prestige platform to showcase their work,” she added.

This spring, Sagli earned a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art, with a minor in design. Steppan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, with minors in art history and design. Tim Stedman, visiting professor of art, Knox College, supervised the students’ project. Students at each of ACI’s 27 member colleges and universities were invited to submit proposals for the contest.

Expense Reduction Analysts Becomes ACI Corporate Partner
June 30, 2020

ACI welcomed Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) this month as our eighth corporate partner. Corporate partners provide significant funding for ACI’s professional development conferences, and they offer products and services relevant to higher education.

For more than 25 years, ERA has helped educational institutions reduce costs without compromising quality or service. The company’s higher education group focuses on finding savings in cost or profit centers in areas such as food service, telecommunications, janitorial supplies and service, printing and production services, office supplies, facility maintenance, payroll processing and credit card fees, and many more. Based in Northbrook, Illinois, ERA operates in more than 25 countries with more than 650 consultants.

In addition to ERA, ACI’s corporate partners include Baker Tilly, Bon Appetit, Michael Best, Paycor, PNC, RBO PrintLogistix and Sikich.

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