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+ ACI employment data shows at least 23,000 Illinois college alumni working for top companies
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ACI employment data shows at least 23,000 Illinois college alumni working for top companies
June 10, 2019

At least 23,000 alumni of Illinois independent colleges and universities are working for 145 top employers throughout the state, according to findings from a three-month research project conducted by Associated Colleges of Illinois (ACI).

The statistics were compiled from LinkedIn profiles by students working in ACI’s micro-internship program. The data include how many students from each member institution are employed at each of the 145 companies.

“Much has been written about Illinois students leaving the state to attend college,” said Mick Weltman, ACI executive director. “We focused on students who stay in Illinois and attend ACI-affiliated colleges and universities. We found that tens of thousands of students, most of whom study the arts and sciences, are getting great jobs with great companies right here in Illinois. We think this is a story worth telling.”

Employers consistently say they are looking for students who can communicate well, solve problems, think critically, can lead project-based teams and adapt well to workplace changes. “These are the skills ACI members teach every day, and it is why their students move into successful careers,” Weltman said. “The data shows there is a mutually beneficial relationship between ACI member colleges and universities who provide employees ready to work, and top employers in Illinois who are always looking for great talent to fill their employment needs.”

Earlier this year, ACI research established that its members provide a $3.5 billion impact to the Illinois economy. “These 27 schools serve Illinois citizens through education and service, and they provide significant economic value to their communities,” Weltman said.

ACI works with companies, foundations and individuals to raise funds for scholarships and peer mentoring for first-generation, low-income students to attend member schools and complete degrees. Recently, ACI initiated college-to-career programs, such as boot camps to teach workplace skills to college students, career mentoring for senior students, micro-internships and an annual Career Development Conference and Employer Expo, set for Oct. 4 at North Central College, Naperville.

ACI’s overall purpose is to help students earn degrees and develop successful careers and lives, Weltman said. “We also want our work to help improve the Illinois economy by maintaining helpful relationships with employers, showing them the value students from ACI colleges and universities bring to the workplace,” he added.

This project was funded by a Capacity-Building Grant from The Council of Independent Colleges, Washington, D.C.

Plan Now to Participate in ACI’s Career Development Conference, Oct. 4
May 29, 2019

Students will meet employers at the Oct. 4 ACI Career Development Conference at Employer Expo at North Central College.

ACI’s 2019 Career Development Conference and Employer Expo will take place Friday, Oct. 4, at North Central College, Naperville. Open exclusively to students enrolled at ACI member colleges and universities, the event offers top Illinois employers the chance to meet prospective interns and full-time employees in both formal and informal settings. The agenda includes morning and afternoon Employer Expo sessions, a keynote luncheon, and a full day of career development seminars to help students build key career skills.

“We know ACI’s Career Development Conference gives employers the chance to connect with highly qualified men and women who will build Illinois’ future workforce,” said ACI Executive Director Mick Weltman. “Participating in the 2019 Career Development Conference is a great strategy for finding the workers employers need to sustain and grow Illinois businesses.”

ACI hopes to attract nearly 200 students to the conference from all 27 ACI colleges and universities. Member institutions outside the Chicago metro area will be offered small transportation grants to help defer the cost of bringing students to the event.

The Employer Expo is designed to accommodate up to 50 employers, together with as many as eight graduate programs from ACI member universities. A full menu of sponsorship and partnership opportunities is available for the conference. Each of these opportunities offers significant benefits, including exhibit space at the Employer Expo, access to a networking lounge, tickets to the keynote luncheon and much more. Employers can sponsor one or more of the skill-building seminars, partnering with ACI to develop the curriculum and participate as panel members.

To develop a partnership with ACI for the 2019 Career Development Conference, contact Mick Weltman at 312-263-2391, ext. 1 or


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