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+ ACI Career Mentoring Program Recruits for Spring 2021 Semester
+ ACI’s Virtual Work and Life Skills Boot Camp, Friday, Jan. 29: The Right Image, The Right Information: Preparing for and Presenting to Employers

ACI Career Mentoring Program Recruits for Spring 2021 Semester
Jan. 11, 2021

ACI's Career Mentoring Program

ACI is recruiting mentees and mentors for the spring-fall 2021 session of its Career Mentoring Program, which matches college students with business mentors who can help them prepare to launch their careers. The two-semester, spring-fall 2021 career mentoring session will begin Jan. 15, and conclude Nov. 19.

A virtual program, ACI’s Career Mentoring Program calls for bi-weekly meetings between mentors and mentees. The goal is to help students translate classroom learning to the workplace and build networking, professional development and communication skills.

Career services offices of each of ACI’s 26 member colleges and universities may nominate up to two students with junior standing to be mentored for the spring semester of their junior year and the fall semester of their senior year. Nominations are due by Jan. 22. Once selected, nominees will be provided with a link to the application to be matched to a mentor. They will have the opportunity to identify goals for their mentoring relationship.

ACI is also recruiting mentors from businesses. Applicants are asked to state their level of experience, the type of job they do and in what industry they work. They also may indicate their interest in mentoring a student of color, first-generation student or a low-income student. Once accepted, mentors go through online training provided by Mentoring Complete, ACI’s partner in the Career Mentoring Program. Individuals interested in becoming mentors should visit Mentoring Complete’s website to apply.

Already, after only one semester, ACI is receiving positive feedback about the program. One mentor shared, “I am very excited and happy to let you know that we would like to mark the current engagement as successfull

ACI’s Virtual Work and Life Skills Boot Camp, Friday, Jan. 29
The Right Image, The Right Information: Preparing for and Presenting to Employers
Jan. 11, 2021
Speakers will meet students via Zoom webinar at the Jan. 29 boot camp.

Registration is open for ACI’s winter virtual Work and Life Skills Boot Camp, Friday, Jan. 29, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the Zoom webinar platform. Built on the theme, “The Right Image, The Right Information: Preparing for and Presenting to Employers,” the full day of seminars seeks to equip students to assimilate corporate culture; secure and successfully complete job interviews; dress for success; practice good email etiquette; understand what talent acquisition managers are looking for in candidates; and budget effectively on an entry-level salary. Click here to register. Registrations will be accepted through Jan 27. For questions about registration, contact Cindy Morales at

The Jan. 29 boot camp presentations include:

  • A Good Fit: Leah Wallace, vice president, Workforce Development-Diversity and Inclusion, Citi, and ACI board member, and a panel of Citi’s young professionals will explore the concept of “corporate culture,” how it influences workers’ day-to-day behavior, manner of dress, etc., and how a new hire can learn and integrate with corporate culture – even if they are onboard and working remotely.
  • Getting the Interview Right: Lynn Hazan, president, Lynn Hazan & Associates, Inc. will explain how a successful job interview starts when students assess their own strengths and articulate their brand and story, and decide what type of job they want. Once they research and screen companies where they might want to work, there are critical steps they can take to prepare for interview success.
  • Dress for Success: Ashley Campos, founder, Ashley’s Consult with Style presents a show-and-tell explaining how young professionals can create a budget-friendly professional look, reflects the culture of the organization where they will work and allows the young person to feel with their own identity and sense of style.
  • The Secret Life of Talent Acquisition Managers: Celeste Quinn, talent acquisition coordinator at Illinois Farm Bureau and COUNTRY Financial, Leah Wallace, vice president, Citi, and Lyn Bulman, executive vice president, global human resources, Fellowes Brands (retired) and ACI board chair reveal what talent acquisition managers look for when they search for/assess young talent, as well as some secrets of making a great impression on prospective employers.
  • Email Etiquette in the Remote Work World: Dr. Maribeth Hearn, director, Career Success Center, University of St. Francis knows the value and impact of email communications, especially when so much work transpires in the digital space. Reviewing the dos and don’ts of email communication, Hearn challenges students to examine and improve their email habits, looking at tone, formality or lack thereof, the audience to which the email is directed, as well as practical issues, such as signature blocks and ccs.
  • Financial Literacy 101: Life on an Entry Level Budget: When young professionals first launch their careers on an entry level salary, how do they construct a budget that funds all the essentials, makes student loan payments, and maybe leaves a little to have some fun? A team of young professionals from Citi outline budgeting basics and share their personal experiences designing a lifestyle on an entry level budget.

Most boot camp sessions will be recorded and will be made available to ACI member institutions.

Join us Jan. 29 ACI's Work and Life Skills Boot Camp!

Launched in 2019 with a First Opportunity Fund grant from Council of Independent Colleges, ACI’s Work and Life Skills Boot Camps are targeted to low-income, first-generation and students of color who may not have the networks and role models to advance their career objectives. “We’ve designed the curriculum for seniors who will enter the workforce next summer,” explains ACI Executive Director Mick Weltman. “However, ACI boot camps are open to all students, regardless of when they’ll graduate, and the sessions can help younger students build career readiness.”

Students, college and university faculty and staff, and ACI trustees can register here as individuals, and may attend the boot camp’s full day of seminars or choose to attend specific sessions. At campuses offering in-person learning, career services teams are encouraged to organize group viewings of the Jan. 29 boot camp. ACI is offering grants of up to $100 (depending on the size of the group) to help with costs for lunch or snacks. For information about group viewings and related grants, contact Cindy Morales, ACI manager of operations, at

ACI’s final Work and Life Skills Boot Camp for this academic year is scheduled for Friday, March 26. That session will look at technology careers for students from liberal arts institutions.


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