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Montserrat Cancino-Aguilar is the recipient of a scholarship from the Michele and Peter S. Willmott Minority Student Leadership Fund through ACI. A first-generation college student at Knox College, Cancino-Aguilar is a biology major who wants to attend medical school.  She says her ACI scholarship makes it possible for her attend Knox.

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Olivet Nazarene University Focuses on Student Development

President John Bowling reflects on two decades of growth, higher ed changes and the Chicago Bears

Dr. John C. Bowling

President, Olivet Nazarene University

Olivet Nazarene University (ONU), a Christian university in Bourbonnais, Illinois, offers a distinctive academic and student experience that separates it from other similar schools. It is also the beneficiary of nearly two decades of steady growth of its student body. Currently at 5,002 undergraduate and graduate students, the university’s longtime president, Dr. John C. Bowling, believes there are three reasons why ONU continues to grow: its emphasis on personal development, professional readiness and preparing students for lives of service.


“We exist to provide high-quality academic instruction, number one for personal development,” Bowling says. “That reflects the great tradition of liberal arts. Second is professional readiness. We do recognize that a student needs to get a job after school, and we need to help them get ready.” Third, he says, is developing students for lives of service so they can “experience the joy, the self-satisfaction of serving.” Delivering on these commitments is important for success.



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