ACI Peer Mentoring Program

Keishon Tinon – Millikin University

Keishon Tinon has a plan: He wants to open a sports-and-recovery center for athletes. To get there, the Millikin University sophomore is majoring in Sports and Recreation Management, with a minor in Entrepreneurship – while serving as a mentor in ACI’s Peer Mentoring Program and playing as a defensive lineman on the university’s football team. … Read more

Nishal Weems – Augustana College

William “Nishal” Weems has always had a passion for history. And medicine. At Augustana College, he furthered these interests into a desire to become a psychiatrist. He looked at many colleges and universities before he visited Augustana. “What a difference,” he said. “When I went on my visit, the students they actually showed you attention … Read more

Khalil Mosley – Augustana College

Khalil Mosley is looking forward this fall to being a mentor to other students of color attending Augustana College. A beneficiary of Augustana’s PACE Multicultural Mentoring Program for first-year students, and ACI’s Peer Mentoring Program, which benefits men of color, Mosley knows how peer mentors can help incoming students, especially students who are underserved, first-generation … Read more