Emmanuel Iradukunda
Trinity Christian College
ACI General Scholarship 

Two things brought Emmanuel Iradukunda from Boise, Idaho, to Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois: soccer and an opportunity to grow his Christian faith. “One of my friends came down here to play soccer,” he says. “I started looking into the college, and I realized that it was a Christian school that taught the Christian faith.” That’s why he came to Illinois.

Iradukunda’s family has roots in Tanzania. He has two sisters, six brothers, plus his parents, a big family. Yet he chose to transfer to Trinity Christian, a small college.” I’d rather go to a small college because I think it gives you more one-on-one time with the teachers,” he says. Now a junior majoring in psychology, Iradukunda says he hopes to graduate at the end of 2021.

“I find it very interesting to study about how the human brain works — what causes people to do what,” he says. Iradukunda hopes to be a counselor to jail inmates, helping them to avoid repeat stays in prison. After college, Iradukunda hopes to work in the United States and gain experience. Perhaps one day, he’ll return to Africa, he says. While studying at Trinity Christian, he is also a winger on the college soccer team, fulfilling a personal goal.

Iradukunda is the recipient of an ACI General Scholarship, which he found by exploring scholarship opportunities online. The ACI scholarship is a critical piece of his college education, he says. “Let’s just say it would be hard without the scholarship because the scholarship is what helps pay for some things, whereas otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to pay for it. It’s a really great thing. I probably could be going to school still, but you know those funds wouldn’t be there.”

Education is important to Iradukunda, and he’s grateful to donors who help students like him. “I want to say thank you to the donors and everybody that takes their time to think about other people because a very important thing as a Christian is to understand that this world is a lot bigger than just yourself,” he says.

And, Iradukunda adds, that he hopes to make the most of the opportunity he’s been given by building a successful career. “By helping other people, I’d be honoring the people that gave me the scholarship,” he says.


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