Associated Colleges of Illinois is supported by a dedicated professional staff, including specialists in nonprofit management and finance, institutional advancement, marketing/communications, special events, and specific program areas, including student support services and teacher preparation.

Mick Weltman
Executive Director
312-263-2391, ext. 1

John Brooks, APR
Director, Communication
312-263-2391, ext. 3

Lauren Holhut
Director, Advancement
312-263-2391 ext. 2

Barbara Jolliff
312-263-2391, ext. 5

Leslie Joan Millenson
Director, Special Projects
312-263-2391, ext. 6

Cindy Morales
Manager of Operations
312-263-2391, ext. 0

Tom Rubey
Chief Financial Officer
312-263-2391, ext. 5

Constance Willoughby
Director, Conferences and Scholarships
312-263-2391, ext. 4


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Associated Colleges of Illinois is a not-for-profit corporation exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are tax deductible as provided by law. ©2020 Associated Colleges of Illinois

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