2021 Virtual Event: ACI Alumni Employment Data

“A Smarter Solution: How Liberal Arts and Business Together are Solving Illinois’ Challenges”

This program originally aired March 9, 2021

Topics & Speakers

In order of presentation

  • Moderator: President Jamel Santa Cruze Wright, Eureka College and ACI president
  • What are the challenges? President Philip G. Ryken, Wheaton College
  • How can we meet these challenges? Kunal Kapoor, CEO, Morningstar, Inc., and graduate of ACI-member Monmouth College
  • What do ACI-member schools offer as one solution? President Teresa L. Amott, Knox College
  • What are the results shown by the employment data? President Troy D. Hammond, North Central College
  • How can you get involved? Chloe Overstreet, ACI board member and student at ACI-member Eureka College, and Mark A. Vargas, tech entrepreneur, ACI board member and graduate ACI-member Judson University.

Click here to view ACI’s alumni employment data page.

Questions or comments? Contact April Arnold, ACI executive director, at aarnold@acifund.org or 312-263-2391, ext. 1.

Complete Program

Run time: 39:59

Edited Program

Run time: 7:21