ACI, PROLIFIC Institute Form Partnership to Help College Athletes with Career-Readiness Support

ACI and PROLIFIC Institute agreed to form a one-year pilot partnership aimed at helping athletes attending ACI schools move into meaningful careers after college sports. Known as “ACI PROLIFIC Fellowship for Athletes, funded by Fiducient Advisors,” the program will be initiated this fall. Fiducient Advisors provided $29,000 for support of 10 student athletes.

This spring, ACI invited member colleges and universities to participate. The application deadline is Aug. 1. Fellows are expected to be chosen by Aug. 8.

“Based on information learned through ACI’s own mentoring programs, we understand the unique challenges that college athletes face,” said April Arnold, ACI executive director. “We believe our partnership with PROLIFIC will help member-school students navigate from their sports into successful careers. Addressing this important need without champions like Bob and Terri DiMeo would simply not be possible.”

From left, Terri DiMeo, ACI Executive Director April Arnold and Fiducient Advisors CEO Robert DiMeo.

Robert DiMeo, chairman of Fiducient Advisors, said he and his wife, Terri, “are honored to help launch this important initiative which carries potential to meaningfully impact student athletes at our ACI member schools. We sincerely appreciate PROLIFIC’s tailored approach, and the efforts and creativity put forth by ACI leadership,” he added. Robert DiMeo is also an ACI board member.

“We firmly believe that when student-athletes receive the same level of coaching and community support during their transitions away from sports as they did while playing, they excel at a high level and achieve remarkable heights,” said Nosa Eguae, founding partner, PROLIFIC Institute. “In partnership with ACI, our objective is to act as a strong launching pad for the 10 fellows selected into our program. We are thrilled to offer our support to ACI’s member schools and their student-athletes.” He also thanked the DiMeos for their support.

PROLIFIC Institute is a development firm that offers services to help transition athletes from collegiate athletics into meaningful careers. The firm assists college athletes with coaching, training with content provided by former professional athletes, access to resources and guidance, and job placement services.