Greta Qano
Elmhurst University
ACI General Scholarship

What drew Greta Qano to Elmhurst University was the quality of the college’s political science and business programs, and that after learning more about the school, she said she could see herself as a successful student at Elmhurst. From nearby Addison, Illinois, Qano, a junior, is majoring in political science, urban studies and business administration.

With all she is studying, Qano says she’s thinking about a career in law. In high school, she took an advanced government class which included review of U.S. Supreme Court cases. “It interests me very much. I felt like doing political science would be something that would be very interesting as well as helpful for the future to understand how government works,” she says. Law school is a possibility, Qano says, or a career related to law and government.

Qano is part of Elmhurst’s mock trial team, a great learning opportunity, she says. “You work with your partners,” Qano says. “You have this case where you have either witness roles or attorney roles. And, you learn about the law in the format of this case and how it relates to the case. Every year, the case is different.” Qano is also part of Elmhurst University’s pre-law program, participates in a business club and works in the student financial services office.

Qano finances most of her own college education through grants and scholarships, including an ACI General Scholarship. Her financial need was magnified when her father lost his job about the time she was awarded ACI’s scholarship, she says. “So, it was a really big help financially, obviously, because I wasn’t able to receive the help from my parents. So, this was the best option and good timing as well, because without the scholarship, I probably wouldn’t have been able to pay off the school,” Qano says.

She also appreciates the donors who made her scholarship possible. “There are people like me, sometimes in different situations, like me, that actually do need the money,” Qano says. “In the future I plan on donating to students that do have need for scholarships because it’s a pay-it-forward kind of thing. In a way, this scholarship inspired me to keep moving in my studies.”


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