ACI Career Development Conference and Employer Expo

Oct. 4, 2019, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.North Central College, Naperville, Illinois

For employers: the prospects you need to build your future workforce

For students: The skills and connections you need to launch careers

ACI convenes Illinois’ top employers and students from 26 Illinois colleges and universities for our 2019 Career Development Conference and Employer Expo, Friday, Oct. 4, at North Central College.

This exciting full-day event offers employers and students opportunities to meet, and interact in formal and informal settings – and to match the right job or internship with the right student. ACI’s Career Development Conference and Employer Expo includes:

  • Employer expo — morning and afternoon exhibit sessions that showcase employers to prospects and introduces prospects to employers. Businesses that participate as “premium” partners can review resumes in advance and access private interview space on site.
  • Career development breakfast and opening session — Students, employers, speakers and special guests get together for a continental breakfast. Featured keynote: JD Gershbein of Owlish Communications discusses the value of networking and its role in professional development.
  • Skill-building sessions – Students – from freshmen through seniors — can acquire skills that help them map their careers and prepare for success.
  • Career development luncheon – employers, students and career services professionals sit shoulder-to-shoulder to explore worklife challenges and opportunities and learn about the benefits liberal arts graduates bring to the workplace. Featured keynote: Michelle Silverthorn, CEO of Inclusion Nation, discusses why we are not and should not be “color blind” and the impact of implicit bias.

A list of participating employers and the specifics of the skill-building sessions will be published in advance.

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