Build your future workforce while lowering hiring costs. Partner with ACI’s College-to-Career Programs.

Career Development Conference and Employer Expo: This day-long talent and career development event combines skill-building seminars with a traditional job and internship fair for students at all stages of career preparation and for employers ready to hire interns and full-time employees. Our most recent conference and employer expo drew 185 people, including students from 13 ACI-affiliated colleges and universities. There were 25 employers and graduate school representatives, including 11 employers from Fortune 500 companies. ACI’s next Career Development Conference will be scheduled in the fall of 2022.

Work and Life Skills Boot Camps: Boot camps help equip students to meet employers’ expectations and build rewarding lives and careers. Offered on ACI campuses, these sessions give students a leg up on successful job searches, networking, interviewing and workplace performance, as well as managing personal finances. Initial funding for this program is provided by a First Opportunity Partners grant from the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) with support from the UPS Foundation.

Career Mentoring: With our partner, Mentoring Complete, seniors at member institutions develop mentoring relationships with successful business professionals who can help them build their brands and guide them through the basics of business etiquette and other key success factors. Initial funding for this program is provided by a National Venture Fund grant from the CIC. To become a mentor, visit

Micro-Internships: These short-term, paid, professional assignments through ACI’s partner, Parker Dewey, take place throughout the year and involve five to 40 hours of work. Students gain opportunities to demonstrate skills, explore career paths and build networks. Employers connect to a skilled and diverse talent pool, improve the effectiveness of hiring efforts and lower the costs (and risks) associated with integrating new employees into their organizations.

ACI’s Statewide Career Professionals Network: ACI has built a network of career services professionals across 26 member campuses. Through annual surveys to assess needs and learn about challenges and opportunities in the field, ACI is creating new opportunities for employers to connect to this valuable network – and to thousands of students this network represents.


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